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"Who are some of your inspirations?"

earth, christo, andy Warhol, jeanne drevas, ryan conrad, milk, andy goldsworthy, etc

I will be working on a new installation this summer and some other new art forms. Please check out the link for info and news. 

Hut is down

Ive taken down the hut! It went well and was a great learning experience. I also got some interesting and insightful feedback on the project. I am crafting up a final review but overall Im thrilled. 

The site looks back to normal except for a 4ft pile of leaves.

Email exchange with Admins


Dear Jon,

I have received a couple of inquiries about the structure created behind the tennis courts on the Westhampton side of the lake…I went and checked it out, and saw your name on it.

Is this a class project?  A SASD project?  Personal?

The inquires I received were from folks who did not venture inside, but saw it from a distance…so I think the questions were about the purpose or meaning behind the structure.

-Admin Name

My reply:


Yes, this is the structure that I built as part of my grant from A&S.

I would encourage folks to go back and venture inside. More should be
understood if they go inside.

I also have a website:

I would be interested in hearing any concerns or feedback for my
documentation of the project.



Admin Reply:

Thanks Jon…we weren’t told about it from A&S. I will share information on it now that I know…I thought it was a great project.

2nd sec of pictures. Mainly interior shots

First set of pics of the I-Hut finished…


I had the family stop by the hut on Friday. They seemed to like it! Im glad though it is nerve racking to have them visit it….oh wellz


Pics to come up this weekend! 

I just have a little left to down and then Im done! I got like 75% done this past 48hrs. I just needed the weather to get better and it would have worked more…


This weekend I plan to do the final instal in the woods. I got the boards ready. I just need to cut one! Im so excited!